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How It All Began

Trained in visual communications and design my passion in life is to create stunning and stand out work for both the professional world and for people's private worlds at home.

I was raised on the east coast of Scotland and from a young age I thought that preserving memories, moments and that which is important to each of us in our lives be it work or family should matter. Which drew me to photography as an art, a form of expression and a way to capture moments and pieces of time in one frame.

Behind The Lens

As a photographer my primary focus is natural looking, real to life images of whatever my clients require.


Working with clients from businesses to publications, beginners to professional fashion and alternative models, I have a wide flexibility to my style but with each image delivering on a note that says, "this is a piece by Sandy." 

My work has been described as unique, out of the box, quirky, inventive and inspired. I have a very relaxed form, no direction from me, no forced poses and little to no post shoot editing. What I deliver is what I shoot. In a modern age of falsehood life needs a refreshing breath of realism.